Being Present With Emotions

Most people have difficulty simply being with their emotions. They often try to get relief from their emotional reactions by acting them out in some way – for example, by lashing out at someone they are angry with.  People also employ many strategies to try to avoid or deny their feelings. I’m going to discuss how to relate to your emotions in a way that supports psychological growth and well-being. Continue reading “Being Present With Emotions”

Political Discussion In Therapy

Our society is highly polarized by disagreements about political and cultural issues, and perhaps even basic values. Because many people have strong opinions about these matters, they may want to discuss them in therapy, and they may also feel concerned about how a therapist will respond to their views. I’d like to explain how I engage with clients when they discuss their political views with me, which will hopefully be informative for someone who is considering working with me. Continue reading “Political Discussion In Therapy”

Freedom From The Inner Critic

Does your inner dialogue tend to sound mean or judgmental? Are your thoughts overly focused on your supposed mistakes and flaws? The part of our psyche that is sometimes referred to as the “inner critic” can be a major obstacle to happiness and inner freedom, especially for people to feel a lot of shame or a lack of self-worth. The critic reinforces the sense that we aren’t OK and undermines our confidence, blocking us from realizing our potential. Continue reading “Freedom From The Inner Critic”