Welcome To My Practice

I’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice serving adults, teens, couples, and families. I’m based in Boise, Idaho although I’m able work with people in person or online.

My approach is rooted in acceptance, empathy, and genuineness. I provide an atmosphere of warmth and openness in which you’re free to discuss anything and explore yourself as deeply as you would like.

I frequently help people suffering from depression, anxiety, loss, low self-esteem, difficult life changes, traumatic experiences, and challenges with relationships. Maybe shame and self-criticism make you feel down and inadequate. Or you’re unhappy with how your life is going and don’t know how to make it more fulfilling. Perhaps you’ve  been through painful experiences that continue to limit your life. Maybe you find that you keep struggling with the same issues in your relationships and you want to understand why.

Let’s work together to understand and address the roots of what’s going on. For those struggling with unresolved emotional pain or trauma, I have extensive experience working with  childhood wounding. I want to help you undergo a transformative process that goes beyond just surface level changes, in order to break out of harmful patterns and live a more satisfying life.

My approach respects the complexity and uniqueness of each person’s experience, and their desires for therapy. I enjoy helping people understand themselves deeply, become more in touch with who they really are, and realize their potential.

In addition to individuals, I also work with couples and families to improve communication, solve conflicts, and develop more loving connections. If your relationship is stuck in patterns of hurt, anger and distrust, or you have become critical or distant towards each other, I can help you interrupt these repetitive cycles and replace them with more effective communication and problem solving skills.

For clients based in the Boise area, I also offer walk and talk therapy as part of my practice.

If you are interested in the possibility of working with me, or want to make an appointment, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to talk with you.